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Welcome to FindaFitnessBuddy.com

We are delighted to bring you our UK only site, where you can find like minded people near you, that share your fitness goals, love your sports, and have the same fitness levels as you!

Originally, the team at FindaFitnessBuddy.com were Personal Trainers. Everyday, we used to teach people our passion of fitness and sports. The idea for FindaFitnessBuddy was born when one of us realised that when our trainees were not with us, they suffered from a lack of motivation. When asked why, they nearly all replied that when they were training alone, they wished that they had a Fitness Buddy to share their fitness goals with when we were not there. Upon further research, we found that this was the case with nearly every sport within the UK!

We set about making a product for everybody to use to find the perfect Fitness Buddy. Simply by creating a FREE profile, we will match you up with people who:
  • Have the same fitness and sports goals as you
  • Love the sports that you love
  • Train at the same level as you
  • Live in the same part of the UK as you

We also, uniquely, offer a place for Fitness Professionals to advertise. This gives all members the opportunity to find expert advice and services from Personal Trainers and Nutritional Specialists to Golf Pros and Tennis Coaches! We are building wide range of professionals for you to choose from and all of the Fitness Professionals will have a profile for all members to view for FREE!