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AliceElizabeth91, Plymouth
Location: Plymouth
Fitness level: Beginner
Mainsport: Going to the Gym
kathbrad, Liverpool
Location: Liverpool
Fitness level: Intermediate
Mainsport: Climbing
Hmida, London East
Location: London East
Fitness level: Intermediate
Mainsport: Athletics - Track and Field
MLD1993, London West
Location: London West
Fitness level: Intermediate
Mainsport: Going to the Gym
Wounderer, Liverpool
Location: Liverpool
Fitness level: Beginner
Mainsport: Going to the Gym
AmyClare, Birmingham
Location: Birmingham
Fitness level: Beginner
Mainsport: Going to the Gym

success stories

 Sam and Hayley

After we met on, we took the leap and joined a running club together. After four months we had ran a marathon together! It has helped so much. Thanks FAFB!

Michael and Hannah and David

I messaged Hannah and after a few days, we met in the local gym for a weights session. We started training 3 days a week together. After 6 months we are now firm fitness buddies.

 Amy, Eve and Sarah

I moved to London and was training alone, which I found hard. I joined FindaFitnessbuddy and after a few messages, I was doing classes with a girl called Eve and her friend Sarah! Thank you!

customer reviews

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